Efficiently manage Staff and Student attendance using 360TNA web and mobility version. Some of the key features are:

Managing Staff and Students

Manage the schedules and attendance of both staff and student through a simple to use user interface.

Control Labour costs

Integration with Budget module and enforcement of approval flow minimize costly overpayments and reduces administrative errors

Improve employee and student safety

Keep track of planned and unplanned absences, tardiness and time abuses.

Monitor productivity

Keep track of planned and unplanned absences, tardiness and time abuses.

Policy Enforcement

Ensure centralized and decentralized policy enforcement.

Control fraudulent time practices

Eliminate buddy punching and other time abuses with biometric clocking options. Integrate seamlessly with existing and new biometric and other employee data capturing devices.

Manage Leave

Track and enforce employee attendance, reduce absenteeism, and improve productivity. Ensure all shifts are covered, reduce overtime expenditures, and keep track of absence habits that go against company policy.

Cut down on time and errors associated with manual systems

360TNA automatically links to payroll, financial, human resources systems.

Report on trends

Access real-time data so you can view and report on overtime, absences, and other issues related to cost and productivity. Use the data to make decisions affecting organizational strategy and goals.

Manage entitlements and accruals

Both managers and employees can view and manage leave, overtime, exceptions directly through the system. The requests go through an Approval Workflow system. These features are available on the mobility also. Ideal for employees with no access to IT systems.

Improve employee safety

Fire evacuation functions ensure that the whereabouts of all employees are recorded, so that emergency personnel can ensure they are evacuated in the case of a fire or other emergency.

Facilitate reporting on trends

Access information on overtime, absences, and productivity through the system’s intuitive dashboard, and use information to make important strategic decisions.