360TNA manages policy based automated leave accruals efficiently, especially the Compensatory Leaves (Comp Offs). Based on the policies defined for the employee or at an organization level, overtime hours can be accrued towards Compensatory Leaves.

For Example: If an employee does 8 hours of overtime in a week, then it gets converted into 1 day of Compensatory Leave.

The policy and rule engine allows for this accumulation at daily, weekly, monthly or for any period. This allows managers to create policies that fits into their business environment and also adheres to the corporate HR policies and local Labor laws.

Further, different type of Leaves can be created and tagged to the organization units. Leave requests can be generated for self, for the team and for direct reportee. This is a critical feature for the managers of the retail store and restaurant kitchen, where 90% of the employees don’t have access the system and all the requests are initiated by the Managers. 360TNA provides an easy interface to the managers to make requests on behalf of the team and approve multiple requests with an ease. Managers can conduct most of their activities on the mobile, if allows by the IT policies of the organization.