We promote a culture of openness and respect, where you’ll be valued for your ideas as well as your expertise. But more than that, we recognize the importance of treating you with genuine consideration. So, at E&A, you’ll enjoy an inclusive work environment where your differences are celebrated and where you can make the most of a range of benefits such as flexible working, employee offers, company share schemes and more.

With ongoing learning and development, your reward goes far beyond the financial. Our people are focused on continuously improving products and services by applying latest technologies. Their talents and commitment ensure E&A continues to deliver projects in a responsible and timely manner. Helping solve challenging business problems using technology gives our people job satisfaction that’s second to none.

Your learning, growth and reward as an E&A employee will be supported by our strong focus on performance management. At E&A, this has two major parts: firstly, we align your individual objectives with the goals of your part of the business; secondly, we measure and recognize how effectively you have performed against your objectives and contributed to those goals. This approach enables our businesses to recognize strong individual performance and to reward it accordingly. But this emphasis on performance management isn’t just about the financial reward – a clear set of objectives provides you with sharp focus and direction, giving you a strong sense of engagement with your work and the value that you, personally, add to E&A.

At E&A, we understand that shared goals can inspire great individual performances – performances that contribute to our ability to develop and improve products, services achieve consistent customer satisfaction.