Attendance and Information Technology

Attendance and Information Technology

Attendance and Information Technology

Is it essential to handle staff scheduling efficiently? Absolutely yes!

In the modern, competitive era, companies have started to adopt automated software systems that can help track employee attendance and work daily.

Choose our all-in-one and robust solution, 360TNA, to meet your work demands and requirements.

360TNA is a comprehensive web-based innovative attendance management solution that helps small and medium-sized companies and enterprises with real-time employee attendance and administration. 360TNA has smart and ready-to-use methods that you can use for geo and non-geofencing-based attendance anywhere, at any time.

360TNA is available as a mobile application on Android and iOS. As a result, people in the organisation can directly manage and access their HR processes on mobile devices.


  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Insurance-Based Companies
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Hospitality


  • Shift and schedule management that can handle high complexities such as split shifts in a single day, split overs to the next day, night shift offs, and many others.
  • Based on your organisational attendance policies and hierarchies, create a configurable workflow with an “n” number of configurable approvers.
  • Reporting and forecasting
  • Intuitive Data Review
  • Integration with industry-leading human resource management systems
  • Overtime management with pre and post overtime plans on a daily, weekly, and monthly level.
  • Worker Management for Contractors
  • Timesheet management is for organisations that have employees working on various concurrent tasks.
  • Let’s take a deeper look into one specific feature of 360TNA: attendance and IT management.

Attendance Management

Every attendance policy of an organization, either individual or group-wise, can be configured in 360TNA. With the correct reports and automated inputs from the 360TNA attendance module, you can perform strategic resource planning without manual interventions.

  • The following are the rules that you can configure from 360TNA attendance management:
  • In and out-time of employees
  • Break timings
  • Keeping a record of exceptional days
  • Exemptions for certain graded employees
  • A record of overtime and missed pay days.
  • Through comprehensive dashboards and reporting features, you can effectively help employees adhere to company policies. In addition, 360TNA has a predefined repository of 30 reports best suited for all kinds of industries. For example, you can manage shift rosters, average working hours, absenteeism, etc.


  • It reduces errors and increases productivity.
  • Increases security while lowering administrative costs.
  • End-to-end employee management
  • Multiple-shift management
  • Well-organized attendance policies
  • Integration of biometrics
  • Employee self-service
  • Attendance efficiency analysis:
  • It is highly scalable and can support multiple locations.

IT Management

  • 360TNA helps businesses enforce the most prominent technology practises to secure their data. It is a simple and robust system that enables managers and higher-ups to successfully handle performance and the workforce.
  • With 360TNA, you can control the organisational structure and position hierarchy with functional reporting features. In addition, you can create authority delegation and approval workflows with high efficiency in communication.
  • Achieve your goals and build a strong workforce with 360TNA!

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