Monthly affair with attendance and human resources

Monthly affair with attendance and human resources

Monthly affair with attendance and human resources

As a human resource professional in a company, you will have a lot on your plate, from employee recruitment to compensation and performance review to punitive measures. However, setting up the ideal time and attendance system is sometimes neglected. On the other hand, employee attendance tracking is essential for increased productivity.

An attendance tracking system also provides a comprehensive picture of the workforce of employees. It adds another demanding and challenging obligation to HR responsibilities.

But many organizations are still using handwritten attendance registers, weekly reports, and manual spreadsheets. What are you thinking? Is it time to revamp your company? Is it worthwhile to change?

Contrary to the automatic system, you can easily manipulate manually gathered data, and, unlike the automated system, they do not need electricity. As an outcome, you didn't have to worry about power failures or your employees getting disturbed.

Although there are some benefits to moving to manual time and attendance systems, as you can see, you can leverage this. So, while they may appear appealing in the short term, they will not benefit your company in the long run.

When using manual systems, you run the risk of system crashes, protection issues, and data loss. Consider the action of your system not processing pay correctly, which results in employee complaints. Thus, integrating payroll and leave management will reduce errors and stress and speed up performance.

Automated Attendance Tracking

In an automated attendance tracking system, the organization

  • Need to worry about compliance issues, and employees need not take headaches about being paid inaccurately.
  • Can allow employees to fingerprint and stamp locations.
  • Can monitor absence that will take less time and focus on other responsibilities.
  • Accesses schedules, hours worked, time-off requests, and payment details quickly.
  • Can rectify an employee's logging in inaccuracy.
  • Assesses the best strategies for employee return and mitigates productivity drop-offs.

"Where are the downsides of an automatic attendance system?" is a query that may come to mind. There are none, to be honest.

The automated attendance tracking system is an all-in-one platform that handles payroll, time, absenteeism, and screening, simplifying the HR process. In addition, the increasing use of fingerprints in the workplace has enhanced the security of computerized time and attendance management platforms and has lent to the complete evacuation of employee time theft.

Try our 360TNA, a customizable enterprise workforce and attendance monitoring application that transforms employee data into insights. You can use it with a variety of hardware platforms.

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