Easy Integration with HR Modules

360TNA seamlessly integrates with the HR modules from SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and other vendors.

Strong Approval Workflow Engine

The approval workflow engine of 360TNA works independently or syncs with the hierarchy created in the HR Module. Approval workflow can be applied to shift, leave, overtime, exceptions, delegation and employee transfer workflows.

Forecasting and Skill Based Shift Fulfillment

Managing is a very critical functionality in the ratail and healthcare industries. 360TNA facilities in forecasting the requirement based on the employee,skill,revenue,season etc.  

Job Costing, Resource Allocation and Budgets

Integrated jobs and budget management modules of 360TNA allows you to manage the cost against jobs, contact and budget efficiently.  

Provides core functionalities for Time & Attendance management like:

Shift management, leave accruals, exception handling, overtime management, delegation of authority, automated alerts and notification of email and SMS

Supports distributed work locations and mobile employees

360TNA build on a simple yet scalable structure that support connecting multiple location, switching  between offline-online models, capturing data from mobile users with geo fencing feature.  

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