The most comprehensive section of 360TNA. This module helps user to manage shifts and shift rosters for team and self.

Types of Shifts

Fixed Shift Time
Fixed Shift Time

Employee need to punch In and Out within the defined shift time.

Fixed Shift Hours
Fixed Shift Hours

Only hours to be defined in the shift. Employee can punch In and Out any time during the day but has to complete working hours defined.

Flexi Shift
Flexi Shift

Core working hours are defined and the employee has the flexibility to work around the core hours.

Split Shift
Split Shift

Users can have two shifts in the same day with a break in between the two.

Spill Over
Spill Over

Configurable number of hours can be added to the end of shifts closing close to midnight, so that the system takes the spilled ( past mid night ) punches as punch outs and not punch ins for the new day.

Shift Pattern

Shift roster where the roster period will be the same and repeated after a certain number of days can be configured as a pattern which can be used while preparing roster for the employees. New pattern can be created using the new button.

Shift Roster Schedule

Users will be able to create shift roster schedule on Monthly basis for employees using the shift codes defined in system. The user has option to update roster in bulk by exporting and the excel sheet and then by uploading the same.

Default Shift

HR can create Organization Default Shift. And when the shift roster is not assigned to the employee then Organization default shift will be applicable. It can be created for particular BU/Department etc.

Roster Configuration

Roster Configuration will allow the authorized person to setup configuration for Shift Roster as per Employee, Manager, HR grade. This configuration will be applicable while setting the shift roster for employees.

Shift Roster

This section allows the user to assign for employees based on shift pattern and shifts created in system.

Dynamic Roster Creation

Dynamic Roster feature will allow the HR to set shift timings as per employee punches.

Shift Swap

Users can swap shifts between themselves. A min/max threshold can be configured.

Ramadan/Festive Shifts

Click of button to change your regular shifts to accommodate special timings for a specific period of time.


Skill/gender based shift assignment.

Bulk Upload

Allows Multiple shifts for group of employees to be uploaded.