Leave Management


Leave Search and Creating New Request

Leave request screen will provide information to an employee regarding the leave raised for selection duration. Employee can cancel any requests that are raised or approved. Both the raising and cancellation procedure will follow the hierarchy for approval.

Leave Approval

Leave Approval requests of all the reporting employees. Requests can be filtered as per the date range, leave Type and Status. HR/Manager can approve or reject the leave requests raised by employees from the Leave Request details section. Leave cancellation details contains request for any raised leave that needs to be cancelled.

Leave Admin

Leave Admin screen will provide HR the details of Leave raised by all employees. HRs need to search as per Employee code and date range to fetch Leave requests details whether Approved, Rejected or Pending.

Leave Configuration

All the active leave configurations in the system will appear in this screen. User can modify the configurations. Configuration can be defined based on minimum, maximum days. User need to set the hierarchy for leave approval.