The system has different configuration which can be configured under this module. The employee groups, organization types, system and attendance configuration comes under the Configuration module.

Employee Access

The authentication and system access of the employee is defined here. The Authentication primarily has groups like Employee, Manager, HR, Admin etc.

Alert Configuration

Alert configuration enables the email notifications for the employees. Here, all types of emails are included by which HR can select/unselect the Send and Receive checkbox to enable and disable the email notifications for the employee. SEND means the alerts of the employees related to exception, leave, and overtime will be received by employee’s manager and Received means the employee will receive the email alerts for him/her.

Attendance Configuration

In Attendance Configuration the Grace timings, threshold for IN/OUT time and other field are defined using which the employee’s attendance calculation takes place.

Group Permission

Here all the employee access groups are included. Every groups has different modules assigned into it, HR can add/remove the modules from every group as required. HR can give the Create, Edit, Display and Delete options for each module. Also if any group has Admin access the same is being displayed on Group Details. All modules and sub-modules are available under every group, the rights can be differ according to the particular group.

Recalculate Attendance

HR can recalculate the attendance from here, HR need to select the From and To date, enter the employee code and click on Recalculate Attendance.


Delegation means giving all the rights of one employee to the other employee for the particular amount of time (Delegation From/To date). HR can select the Employee to which the Delegation has been given (Delegation To). HR can select the employee for which the delegation has been assigned (Delegation For).

Organization Approval Matrix

In Org Approval Matrix HR can set the approval hierarchy for the different requests.


HR can select the employee and click on Exclusion Type.

Sandwich Rule

Document Attachment Mechanism