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Our powerful attendance management software is designed to meet the needs of businesses and organizations of all sizes. Discover how our feature-packed solution can help you simplify attendance tracking, enhance productivity, and make data-driven decisions.

Super Scheduler

The most comprehensive section of 360TNA. This module helps user to manage shifts and shift rosters for team and self.

Optimal Overtime

Some metrics play an essential role to measure the pulse of a company’s customer service efficiency, while others are more evaluating if a brand has a customer-centric approach.

Effortless Exception Handler

Overtime management is the process of effectively and efficiently managing and regulating the extra hours that employees work beyond their regular working hours.

Dynamic Device Management

Tidy Timesheet Management

Time Management module mainly designed to help the Project Manager, Managers to track the amount of work done on each project. Users can assign takes to employee based on which employees can raise request on the amount of work done by them. The approvals for request raised will follow the hierarchy defined in the system.

Convenient Contract Worker Module

Contract Master allows the HR to create the various contracts in the system and manage the contract employees attendance/leaves.

Multifunctional Mobile app

Mobile app available on both IOS and ANDROID. Geo Tagging will allow the employee to mark attendance with the Live location. 360 TNA have two Location Descriptions Geo Location and No Geo Location Geo Location: - Here the employee will enter the Latitude and Longitude of his/her current location to mark the attendance. No Geo Location: - Here the employee can enter the IN/OUT punch manually only if the tagging is created.

Delightful Dashboard & Report

Dashboard and report management are essential components of data analysis and decision-making within organizations. They involve the creation, maintenance, and utilization of dashboards and reports to monitor, analyze, and communicate important information.

Vigilant Visitor Management

Legitimate Loss of Pay

Loss of pay configuration is defined to calculate the unauthorized absenteeism. One of the most essential modules wherein cost savings is evident.

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